Landlords & Tenants Guide

The process of leasing and renting a property in Dubai can seem difficult to deal with. Our landlords and tenants’ guide will help you explain so your renting and leasing will be as easy as feasible.

We Value Our Clients Needs

The choice of the real estate company in Dubai you choose to represent you is a choice that should not be taken softly. At Realty Bridges, each member of our company values their position and the needs of every client.

As a Property Management Company in Dubai, our objective is to excel your expectations by improving the services an agency provides in today’s real estate market. There are many characteristics to consider when leasing and renting property in the UAE.

If you want to lease your property and want to know the quick and hassle-free process then follow our landlord’s guide to leasing your property.

Contact Real Estate Broker

Get in touch with real estate brokers like Realty Bridges to discuss your requirements. Our specialist will help you through your property valuation.

Follow Expert Guidelines

Our expert will guide you on rental prices and tell how to market your property. Following this will help you lease your property faster.

Renovate Your Property if Necessary

To lease your property in a faster time scale you should make it sure everything is spotless, any cracks or defects should be dealt with. We also suggest you maximize space, invest in a new coat of paint, and a full clean of the property if required.

Take Some Photos

It is always the best option to take some photos to showcase your property in front of the online World. It will help you to attract more people and increase the chance to lease your property faster.

Be Flexible

You should also allow the tenants to view your property outside of work hours.

Offer Appliances & Furniture

It is always a good idea to offer appliances and furniture to those tenants who are new to Dubai. It will increase your property value and help you lease your property faster in the future.

Negotiate & Accept an Offer

It is crucial that you consider how much you would be able to accept if a tenant offers a price different from the asking price. The tenant’s condition may affect your choice. Consideration should be given to the number of rental cheques and the start date of the agreement with the price being given and how they fit in with your needs.

After negotiation, if you agree to accept the offer, you and tenant need to provide relevant documents, a copy of the title deeds and proof of current community fees paid up to date in order to make a tenancy contract showing the specifics of the tenancy.

Signing Tenancy Contracts

Once the tenancy agreement signed by both landlord and tenant, each will get a copy with the real estate broker holding a copy for filing purposes and rental cheques are handed over to the landlord.

Follow our easy guide to rent a house in UAE without any hurdle even if you’re new to UAE. This guide will provide you the step-by-step process of renting a home in the UAE.

Set Budget & Choose Location

It is important to set your budget before renting a new home in Dubai. You should make sure that you are satisfied with your rent and do not surpass what you can afford. Also choose the location that is close to your work, school, metro, etc.

Know the Total Amount Involved

There are lots of amounts involved in renting a home apart from monthly rent like security deposit (5-10% of the yearly rental amount), brokerage fees (usually 5% of yearly rental amount, but some companies charge a minimum of 5,000 AED per tenancy contract), moving/relocation expenses, deposits for gas, DEWA & Du/Etisalat connections etc.

View Homes

It is important to view the home before renting to satisfy yourself. You should search until finding the home that fulfills your requirements.

Make an Offer

After finding your dream home now it’s time to make an offer, at this stage, all parties will enter a negotiation. After this, you need to provide your ID and visa with three cheques for the deposit (First two check should be in the name of the landlord and third in the name of your broker’s company), the first rental payment and your broker’s commission.

Ejari Registration

After completion of signing the agreement, the broker will draft up an agreement on the Unified Ejari Contract. You must register the tenancy with Ejari. You need to provide a copy of your landlords’ ID, tenancy contract, and the title deed which your broker will provide to you. You can register your Ejari at different centers across Dubai.

DEWA Connection

You need to provide the following to connect your DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) – The DEWA number, copy of the landlord’s  and tenant’s passport, copy title deed or affection plan, AED 110 for setup charges, and refundable deposit AED 2,000 (for apartments) or AED 4,000 (for villas).

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