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If you have one property or owning a portfolio of properties, if you can’t take out time from your busy schedule to manage your property, if you lack management skills to make an adequate return on your property, Realty Bridges Property Management Company in Dubai is your destination for the best property management in Dubai.

From licensing to renting, from maintenance to monitoring, we provide complete property management services in Dubai and keep a close watch of your property. The business model that we offer varies from client to client and mostly as per the wish-list of our partners. We also provide bi-annual and annual reports of your property to keep you updated about the glimpse of the year.

The only goal of Realty Bridges as the best property management company is to provide the highest level of services with cent percent satisfaction to the property owners and tenants.

Value of Our Services

Realty Bridges Property Management offer variety of services to maximize the most of the return from your property. Either you are listing your property for the first time or want to change your existing company; we are pretty much there for your ease. We have experienced staff that provides the best level of management services from tenant selection to monitoring of property. This controlling mechanism gives you a crystal clear picture of the performance of your property.

Our property management services include tenant screening, leasing, rent collection, insurance, repairs, inspections, accounting, monthly reporting, and deposits of your net income at regular intervals.

Property Management Services

Finding New Tenants

We receive inquiries from various tenants and keep a portfolio of them. With the help of our expert team we match the property in accordance with the need of the tenant and property owners and lease the property to the respective potential individual.

Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy agreement involves a lot of legalities and fairness. Realty Bridges as expert property managers ensure that the tenancy agreements are fair enough to the concerned parties.

Maintenance Support

We try our best to provide exceptional maintenance services to our clients and arranging repairs with a specialized maintenance team.

Check Into the Property

As expert property managers we offer extraordinary arrangements for tenants to check-in into the property at the start of the tenancy.

Property Remarketing

Marketing is an art; it cannot be done by everyone. We have a specialized team at Realty Bridges for marketing and re-marketing solutions for your vacant property.

Tenancy Contract Registration

We have experienced legal specialists at Realty Bridges that provide you with expert advice and help you in dealing with all the legal formalities with relevant authorities.

Why Choose Us as Your Property Management Company?

Realty Bridges Property Management Company is a one-stop solution for managing your property. We’re a team of expert property managers who are passionate of what we plan, tactics to achieve those plans and how we monitor.

Our business model is based on the integral principles of property management and we try our best to give you options that provide you maximum return with no stress. What makes us unique from other property management companies in Dubai is our creative marketing team who always put their efforts to promote your property in a unique way to target the most appropriate tenants.

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Property Management​ FAQs

For your ease, Realty Bridges have summed-up its experience and answered the most frequently asked property management question by our clients. To know more details about property management in Dubai, check out the questions below.

Most of the property management companies in Dubai charge 5% – 8% of the annual rent of the property or fix amount of 5,000 AED. We at Realty Bridges, charge 5% of the annual rent or 5000 AED.

As a Professional Dubai Property Management Company we provide both commercial and residential property management services.

We offer a wide range of Property Management services in Dubai and across the UAE. Our services include tenant screening, maintenance support, lease management, rent collection, resolving rental disputes and many other services that are necessary for the best property management.

There are some documents that need to be submitted in order to allow us to manage your property in Dubai and rent it out to potential tenants:

  • Evidence of ownership (Title Deed and copy of the sales agreement and proof of payment completion)
  • Owner’s passport copy
  • Trade license copy (if the property is under the company’s name)
  • POA (if required)
  • Property layout
  • A listing agreement, as per RERA regulations
  • Receipt of payment of service Fees
  • Unit Inventory list (if it’s furnished)

Ejari means “My Rent” in Arabic. It is an initiative by RERA (the Real Estate Regulatory Agency) to maintain and enhance the rental market in Dubai and across the UAE. Ejari’s objective is to enrich the experiences of both landlords and tenants to assure they are secured from rental malpractice.

  • Tenancy Contract – original
  •  DEWA bill
  • Passport and visa copy of the tenant
  • Trade license copy (if the lease is on company name)
  • Title Deed or Municipality affection plan copy (issued by the Land Department or Dubai Municipality)
  • Landlord’s name and nationality, property details, applicant’s signature and mobile number

Yes, Ejari is mandatory under the Law No. 26 of 2007 and following improvements of Dubai law. All tenancy contracts should be registered with Ejari to ensure that the Dubai rental market becomes one of the most transparent in the world and ensure peace of mind for both landlords and tenants alike.

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