Seller & Buyer’s Guide

Selling or Buying a property in Dubai is a big step. It is a complicated legal process, and it’s essential to understand it to make your selling or buying process easy.

We Know Real Estate

The seller and buyer’s guides are helpful quick reference reports that include a whole range of relevant information about the process of selling or buying a property with a real estate broker.

Realty Bridges knows real estate. We have analyzed the Dubai real estate market both from a seller’s view as well as from a buyers’ view, so we have a deep understanding and expertise of the real estate market. Our buyer and seller’s guide will assist you to understand the process so your sell and purchase will go as easy as possible.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Dubai than read this guide to understand the whole procedure of buying property in Dubai.

Arrange your Capital
The first thing to consider while buying a property is to arrange your capital. You must have money with you at the time of transfer if you’re buying property in cash in the UAE.

Find the Right Mortgage & Get Pre-Approved
If you are thinking of financing your property by a bank then speak to a mortgage advisor or brokers and get pre-approved to confirm your budget.

Contact Real Estate Company or Broker
After arranging your capital contact any best Real Estate Company or broker that will work with you to understand your requirements. Professional real estate broker will help you save more time and money by fully understand your needs.

Make an Offer
After finding your dream property in Dubai, move quickly by making an offer. Moving quickly by writing your offer and 10% deposit will help put you in a stronger position of acceptance.

Sign MOU
Once your offer accepted, your real estate brokers will draft Form F or MOU. You need to review your contract and sign the contract along with submitting the 10% deposit cheque.

Engage a Conveyancer
If you’re buying a property with a mortgage then you need to follow the process which takes a few weeks. In this case, you will hire the services of an expert conveyancer to assist you with the process.

Apply for NOC
In this process, all the parties need to apply for a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the developer. NOC will guarantee the property is free from any exceptional service costs.

Transfer the Property
After the issuing of NOC, it’s time to transfer the property. All parties will reach at the office of the DLD (Dubai Land Department) to transfer the property officially.

At this time you have to provide the manager cheque of the 4% for the DLD transfer fee and cash for the DLD office administration fees.

After the completion of all the formalities, you will be issued a new title deed on your name along with all keys and access cards of the property.

If you want to sell your property in Dubai then this guide is specially written for you to understand a lot of things and the process of selling property in Dubai. Use this guide to ensure you’re ready for your upcoming sale.

Market Evaluation
Your real estate agent will arrive at your property and give you a reasonable market evaluation. Getting the right price is the key to sell your property. Our real estate specialist will design a strategy with you for the sale of your property at the best price.

Listing Your Property
To ensure a successful listing of your property for sale with Realty Bridges, you will be needed to sign a Form A along with your passport and title deed copy.

Marketing Your Property
Marketing your property in an ideal way is very essential to sale your property faster. At Realty Bridges, our marketing strategy enables us to get huge exposure and incorporate our appearance expertly through every media outlet.

Buyer & Seller Agreement
If a potential buyer likes your offer and ready to buy your property than MOU (also known as Form F) need to be signed between you and buyer. The buyer will also submit a 10% security deposit.

Time Frame
The selling process can be completed within 7-10 days if you’re selling property in cash, but dealing in finance can take up to 2 months.

Apply for NOC
In this process, all the parties need to apply for a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the developer. NOC will guarantee the property is free from any exceptional service costs.

Ownership Transfer
The change of ownership takes place in the DLD (Dubai Land Department). You will get there any extra money for your property via Manager’s Check, at the same time as the Title Deed gets transferred to the new owner.

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