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Real Estate Investors’ Paradise – Why Invest in Dubai?

Posted by Muzammil Hussain on October 20, 2019
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Dubai the city ultramodern architecture and skyscrapers is also known as the ‘Paradise of Real Estate Investors‘. Many success factors including location, tourism attractiveness, high investment yields, and others playing vital roles in the success of the business industry, especially in the success of the Dubai real estate.

Yet, there are some important elements that began this legacy and had an excellent distribute in the continuance and making of this great blend of success.

By the start of 2020, Dubai will be picking up the speed of its infrastructure and urban landscape development to transform its real estate market into one of the most successful and engaging markets around the globe.

The purpose of this transformation is to provide a safe environment for those taking interest in Dubai property investment. It also helps Dubai remain as a secure hub for foreign investors where their investment could sustain peacefully.

Now come to the main question “why invest in Dubai?” and the answer to this question is dependent on many reasons and benefits that attract investors to invest in Dubai real estate market.

Below are some top reasons (or you can even call them the benefits of investing in Dubai real estate) for those who are curious about why to invest in Dubai real estate?

Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Why Invest in Dubai Real Estate? - Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Details on Why Invest in Dubai Real Estate?

  • Ease Of Real Estate Investment

The duly directed market of Dubai is regulated by strong laws. Freehold properties in Dubai are open to all property investors from all around the World without the discrimination of nationality.

All Dubai real estate developers registered, verified and approved by the Government of Dubai, UAE. Even their real estate projects (completed and off-plan projects) are also registered.

  • Happy & Safe City

One of the answers to the question ‘why invest in Dubai real estate?’ is that Dubai is ranked amongst one of the happiest and safest cities in the MENA region and all around the world.

Dubai government is continuously working on the way to making the lives of its citizens and expats great and sparkling.

The reliability and safety of Dubai are also playing a vital role in making it a paradise for real estate investors.

  • Huge Capital Appreciation

Another answer to the question of why invest in Dubai property? is the high capital appreciation. With various infrastructure projects, new tourist attractions and retail spaces rising in Dubai, the prices of residential units are booming. Your real estate investment in Dubai can be appreciated more than any other business.

  • High Rental Returns

Rental yields in Dubai’s best performing areas are much higher as compared to major real estate capitals in the world like London, New York, Singapore, etc.

Rents of residential units are expected to increase as each year Dubai is seeing an increase in expatriates. The rental returns in Dubai are between 8%-10% which is far greater than other top cities in the World.

  • Fastest-Growing Economy

One of the top reasons to invest in the Dubai real estate market is the ever-growing economy of Dubai. It is the fastest-growing economy in the MENA Region which means more business opportunities, population growth as well as a huge increase in demand for housing.

  • 100% Tax-Free Income

Dubai’s 100% Tax-Free Income is one of the advantages of living in Dubai. This zero-taxation rule on income has always been an attraction for skillful expats from all over the world.

Like the other Emirates Dubai earns its profits largely through the tourism and oil industry and uses its no-tax policy to attract skilled expats and investors to expand and enhance its economy further. No capital-gain tax and no tax on rental income are one of the top answers to question why to invest in Dubai real estate?

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